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creating positive impact with sustainable solutions

Scott Luetgenau created Gatespring Consulting to positively impact the field and its leaders while supporting and strengthening the futures of the individuals they serve. He is a man in long-term recovery. He is also a social worker and an addiction specialist. Through compassion, clarity and energized instruction, he delivers sustainable solutions that will help you help those struggling with a SUD.



 At Gatespring Consulting, we believe that long-term recovery affords individuals the opportunity to see their children grow up. It empowers them to obtain jobs, build careers and fall in love. It ensures lasting memories are made, relationships heal and parents sleep well at night. Long-term recovery encourages individuals to stand on their own two feet, realize their full potential and become active agents of change. And while it looks different for every individual, long-term recovery replaces the probability of death with a greater chance at life. Our work not only improves the connection between committed service providers and recovering substance use individuals; it leverages experience, empathy and scientific evidence to end addiction and help communities thrive.

Scott serves on the board of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, as a member of Shatterproof's Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and as an advisor for the City of Raleigh Substance Use Advisory Commission and treatment/recovery consultant for SAMHSA's Opioid Response Network.

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It is through empathy that we can listen, understand, communicate and show respect.  By offering reflection, perspective and consideration, we can better serve our clients and facilitate stronger relationships. Empathy is built into every component of our methodology because it is the lens through which we can connect most closely with our clients.




We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional excellence because we know it can mean the difference between life and death for our clients. Trust, honesty and our steadfast commitment to our clients' long-term recovery remains paramount to our work. 



We must work towards sustainable, holistic solutions that provide positive short and long-term results. The band-aid treatment plan is no longer the most effective and our approach moving forward needs to be one that incorporates prevention, treatment and recovery.



As experts in our field, we are dedicated to delivering integrative solutions that lead to real transformation. By bringing individuals, key stakeholders, service providers and 

communities together, we can change the narrative around substance use in the United States and empower our country to reclaim living. 



Long-term recovery is about more than an individual. Every member of a community holds the power to be an active agent of change and at Gatespring, we’ll show you how.